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Infection with the new corona virus can occur by a simple touch to the nose, eyes or mouth after hands have been in contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.

For many years, the Belgian company “Steamwash Group” has been specialized in disinfecting public spaces such as care centers, pharmacies, waiting rooms, schools, airplanes, vehicles, etc…

Recently it developed “Fogmatic”. This approved portable device can fully disinfect a room or closed environment in only 30 minutes, without any additional professional intervention.

This enables you to quickly disinfect all surfaces and air in private, public and industrial areas.

Unique solution! Disinfect in the presence of your visitors

The risks of a space visited by many people

You have probably heard this before from top virologists on the news. The Coronavirus spreads easily in enclosed spaces through aerosols and hard surfaces. Timely aeration and disinfection is therefore the recommendation to limit the transmission of the virus.

Waarom de Fogmatic gebruiken voor Covid 19

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Disinfects efficiently in just 30 minutes.

With its < 0.1 micron nozzle, the Fogmatic fogger provides an invisible nebulization of a safe cleaning solution based on hydrogen peroxide. This solution is recognized by FPS Public Health (PT2, PT3 & PT4) for fighting:




Clinically proven efficacy

Stop the spreading of infections with Fogmatic. Our disinfection product is based on a derivative of hydrogen peroxide. Its disinfection effect has been clinically proven. 

Hydrogen peroxide is in fact also produced by the human body. Our immune system uses this natural substance to oxidize external hazards such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Voorstelling van de Fogmatic

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Een gebruiker aan het woord.

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Key benefits


Fogmatic can be used against the further proliferation of the Coronavirus.

Clinically proven

The effect of hydrogen peroxide is clinically proven and recognized by FPS Public Health (PT2, PT3 & PT4)

7/7 disinfection

Your building can be disinfected continuously, without disturbing external disinfection services.

Quick & efficient

The room gets disinfected for 100% in only 30 minutes. Also on difficult to reach places.


Time and again 100% disinfected areas for a fraction of the price of disinfection services.

Not harmfull

The Fogmatic disinfecting agent is free of corrosion and leaves a pleasant odor in the room after use.

Fogmatic in different editions


  • Up to 250³ m (100m²)
  • 4 spacial measurements
  • Utilisation via touchscreen or smartphone application
  • Programmable
  • Easy to move


  • Up to 125m³(50m²)
  • Start/stop button
  • Easy to move

Fogmatic in de media

Easy to configure and monitor through our app

Install the Fogmatic mobile application on your smartphone and get a handy overview of the space in which Fogmatic is active. This enables you to launch and monitor a disinfection process remotely and obtain an overview of the room’s current state.

Air quality



Liquid level

Tailored to your sector

Fogmatic can be used in various sectors attracting a significant amount of visitors: Horeca, office buildings, medical facilities, stores, etc. We always provide a tailor-made solution for your building(s) and needs.

Discrete and efficient

The Fogmatic aerosol mist generator is a discrete solution and operates silently. Unlike other solutions, such as disinfection tunnels. Which may leave a bad impression with your visitors.

Our certificates

Proven efficiency

Our product has been approved by the FPS public health

Europees certificaat

The product complies with regulations  applicable within the European Economic Area.

A certificate for your space

Let your visitors know that you care about their health by applying a sticker at the entrance.

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